Technology Innovation

Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing provides holistic services related to customer due diligence, sanctions screening, and transaction monitoring technology solutions at a variety of financial institutions- from global, industry-leading banks- to small, regionally focused institutions. These institutions must balance subject matter expertise and technical acumen to leverage technology effectively in their compliance programs. With this understanding, the firm assists institutions to deliver proven and practical cutting-edge technology solutions that pass regulators’ scrutiny while improving effectiveness and efficiency in detecting and investigating suspicious behavior and sanctions violations.

Whether you are challenged with collecting and assimilating data for your know-your-customer program, leveraging customer data to more easily detect suspicious financial activity, or identifying hidden connections across your customer network, Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing unlocks value. It partners with clients to implement and calibrate appropriate financial compliance technology solutions and provide proper governance, oversight, and controls of these solutions.

Intelligent Segmentation

Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing helps institutions segment their customers intelligently, beyond the traditional approach of relying solely on customer types, transaction values, and other data points that may fail to account for unknown characteristics. By using behavioral analytics, a machine intelligence model can ingest biographical and transactional information about customers, and then segment those customers into groups that behave similarly. This empowers tighter tuning of detection scenario thresholds, which in turn reveals anomalous behavior, some of which may have previously gone undetected.

Entity Resolution & Network Generation

Where intelligent segmentation can reduce the noise and identify more potentially suspicious alerts, entity resolution with network generation can help auditors review those alerts by enabling a more holistic use of the information. These solutions can bring together millions of data points from internal and external data sources, including news feeds, social media and corporate registries to create a complete picture of a customer and their activities. Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing can then build a network showing how that customer transacts and interacts with others – revealing otherwise hidden connections and relationships.

Machine Learning-Driven Alert Dispositioning

Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing deploys machine learning solutions that can recognize obvious false positives in name match alerts, which allows investigators to focus their resources on higher value alerts.

Robotic Process Automation

Compliance functions wrestling with scarce resources continue to leverage Robotic Process Automation, enabling redeployment of resources and reduction of human error. Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing partners with compliance functions to identify and prioritize financial crime detection processes ripe for automation, helping clients operationalize these processes, while ensuring output can withstand regulatory scrutiny.

Model Governance Setup

Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing harmonizes compliance program policies and procedures within financial crime compliance technology processes, data governance, regulatory requirements and expectations, and establishes formal governance and change management procedures.

Model Validation

Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing performs end-to-end, including pre- and post-implementation model validations driven by the institution’s risk assessment. It reviews model effectiveness and efficiency, assess model configuration, evaluate tuning and recalibration methodology, and validate and review model data accuracy, data integrity, and data completeness.

Data Governance & Validation

Understanding data is an often neglected, yet key component, in an effective financial crime compliance program. Van Leeuwen Forensic Auditing assists institutions in establishing a data governance program, interpreting their data, and performing data validation with a focus on its integrity, quality, and completeness.

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