Law Enforcement Agencies

september 15, 2020 Mr. B.A.S. van Leeuwen 0 Comments

Regardless of the extent and scope of an investigation, police are bound by constraints imposed upon them by Dutch Police Force Law and Dutch Constitution. If a prosecutor believes you stepped outside your lawful bounds as an officer, you can find yourself facing serious criminal charges of (military) police misconduct. If you are a (Military) Police Officer, you know that you need to protect your law enforcement badge, after all, it’s your livelihood!

Dutch (Military) Police Officers put their lives on the line to protect the public on a regular basis. MR. B.A.S. (BAS) VAN LEEUWEN (LL.M., ESQ), attorney at law, assists (military) police officers with criminal matters, administrative supervision and enforcement cases, and internal and external investigations. Also he assists (military) police units who are faced with compliance issues at the interface of criminal law and administrative enforcement.

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